Paving and Gravel

All aspects of paving are carried out using materials such as English Natural York and Indian Sandstone stone through to the many types of manufactured paving from companies such as Marshals and Stonemarket. Where appropriate different forms of gravel are used as an alternative or in a conjunction with paving materials.


Circulur Paving

Front Drive

Small Back Garden

Front Garden



After Construction

Spiral Piers

Keyhole Gate


Many aspects of brickwork are carried out from garden walls and patio edging through to more complex spiral pillars and special commissions such as brick tables, key-hole gates and herringbone panels within walls.


Ponds and Water features

This may be a small self contained water feature such as bubble fountain or mirror panel through to ponds of various sizes and small lakes.
Filtration systems and aquatic planting are incorporated as required



Rock Water feature

Mirror Water Feature

Arbour Rails

Breeze House

Metal Gazebo


Pergolas and Arbours

Pergolas and Arbours often provide a focal point in garden design. These can be constructed from our own or client’s specifications using both hard and soft wood and alternative materials such as metal



Where possible hardwood materials such as Balau and Oak are used to provide longevity, durability and style we can construct decks either at ground level or elevated. Where required the deck can be finished with newel posts handrails and spindles.



Decking Gantry




Garden in May


Planting is carried out to complement the garden design, style and setting whether this is a cottage garden or more modern architectural project. Where appropriate plants will be selected from our own nursery.



Lighting can be incorporated to reflect the mood of the design



Garden Lighting

Wholesale Nursery

The nursery produces a range of plants in 2-35 litres mainly for use in our own landscaping projects and to supply other landscape contractors.


Follow up maintenance is an important aspect of our work and we pride ourselves in the backup services we provide. This often takes the form of seasonal pruning visits.